Principle Investigator

Dr. Dustin H. Ranglack

Dr. Ranglack completed a BS (Wildlife Science, 2008) and PhD (Ecology, 2014) at Utah State University. His dissertation research focused on a bison-cattle conflict on public land in the Henry Mountains of S. Utah. He also worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Montana State University studying resource selection patterns in nine different elk herds in Montana during the summer and hunting seasons. He started as an Assistant Professor at UNK in 2016 and plans to continue his research on large mammal ecology and management with an applied focus. 

Graduate Researchers

Robert Ritson

Rob completed a BS (Wildlife and Fisheries Science, 2014) at The Pennsylvania State University. He spent a semester abroad in Tanzania with the School for Field Studies and completed a directed research project on the ecological correlates of game bird distributions. He has worked with a variety of species as a field technician including bats, snowshoe hares, sage grouse, and sharp-tailed grouse. He also spent two seasons on a crew conducting Canada lynx habitat research in southern Colorado and northwest Montana. His research interests include spatial ecology and population dynamics. He will be joining the Ranglack lab at UNK in the Fall of 2017 working on the spatial ecology of bison.

Undergraduate Researchers

Clara Vinton

Clara grew up on a cattle ranch southwest of Mullen, NE and plans on graduating from UNK in December 2017 with a Biology Major and Business Minor. Her undergraduate research project focuses on the factors (age, sex, social dominance, etc.) that influence bison stress levels during 'working' operations at the Crane Trust. She plans to return to the ranch after graduation and work on artificial insemination in cattle.

Bryan O'Connor

Bryan grew up on the edge of the Sandhills in Greeley, NE and plans on graduating from UNK in May 2017 with a degree in Wildlife Biology. His undergraduate research project focuses on the factors influencing mule deer harvest in Nebraska. After graduation, he plans to pursue a Masters degree and eventually work as a state or federal wildlife biologist.

Lindsey Smith

Lindsey is from Dakota Dunes, SD and plans to graduate from UNK in May 2019 with a degree in Wildlife Biology. Here undergraduate research project focuses on how bobcats use the increasingly fragmented agricultural landscapes in Nebraska. After graduation, she plans on pursuing a Master's degree and working for the National Park Service as a wildlife biologist.